Consultancy: Design & Project Management

Every design starts with an audit to determine amongst others peak water demand, available water sources, total irrigation area and estimated water use.

Irrigation Audits

High water use hurts both pocket and the environment. Our existing system audits will pinpoint problem areas and guarantee immediate savings. Our certified irrigation auditors can also help you attain your Green Star rating with a system audit that will reduce your water bill and running cost.

Irrigation Systems Monitoring

More water is not necessarily better. Proper analysis of plant watering needs, and translation of this data into appropriate irrigation control system programming can make the difference between inefficient overwatering and economical sufficiency. Let one of our technicians assist in ensuring an efficient irrigation cycle.

Technical Services

We are the sole importer and distributor of international products to the Sub-Sahara African region, which require us to have dedicated staff to assist with any technical enquiry. Why not give us a call regarding any technical matter?

Irrigation System Installations

A quality installation translates into minimal maintenance and future savings, but invariably, short-term savings result in the opposite. Our installations are done according to LIASA code of standards, come with a standard two year guarantee. Our many years of experience and installation resources nationally, will assure that we reach the required deadlines.

After Sales

Our highly skilled staff members in their respective divisions have over 100 years of experience combined thus allowing us to offer our clients a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure a smooth transition of operations.